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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Q: What does Wanlong do?
A: Wanlong develops and manufactures premium quality PDC Cutters for oil drilling and coal mining.


Our technical teams are grouped by scientists and engineers devoted to PCD/PDC/PCBN products in 1980s, different production method and technique applied in production for supreme quality products in various style and sizes for different applications.


And we are equipped with latest technology with 6x25000KN High Pressure 6-Cylinder Synthetic Diamond Hydraulic Press, Precision Wear Resistance and Impact Resistance Testing System and Ultrasonic Scanning System from European supplies.


Q: Where is Wanlong located?
A: Wanlong Diamond Products Co., Ltd locates in Quanzhou, Fujian, southern China. We are the first PDC Cutter manufacturer in Fujian Province with strong technical team and advanced production and testing facilities.


Q: What differs you from other Chinese manufacturers?
A: Technology, Quality and Services is our unique strength and advantages over other manufacturers.

Firstly, our product and technology is supported by a group of scientists and engineers devoted to PCD/PDC/PCBN products in 1980s, pioneers of PDC products research and development in China; importantly in 2010, Wanlong achieved a great technical breakthrough in PDC Products for oil drilling and coal mining, that keeps our production at premium quality level and importantly consistent.

Secondly, we are equipped with latest technology of manufacturing and testing facilities that enable us to assure all products inspected and quality before deliver to your field.
Last but not least, we care not only on premium quality products but also offering customized services and solutions for worldwide partners by carrying our field testing at sight, learning from our customers, detect problems, analysis problems and offer solutions.


Q: Before I purchase in quantities, I would need sample to test and see quality, does your company offer samples?
A: Yes, we do offer samples for laboratory testing in small quantities. If sample for field testing, it would be charged and could be charged at discounted offer. All sample charge would be returned back to clients in future commercial orders.


Q: Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) request?
A: For sample testing purpose, no MOQ limited, it is at your decision as per drill bits blade numbers.

For regular orders, a MOQ is requested for order amount over 3,000 USD.


Q: How long could I get my order if it is placed and paid?
A: For all Wanlong standard sizes, orders would be sent out within 10-14 working days right after payment received. This lead time would be various as per order quantities.

For customized sizes, it could be 10-30 or more days, depending on availability of raw materials and production moulds. You would be informed of estimated delivery term during you place order or soon after order placed


Q: How you pack and ship my orders?
A: PDC Cutters are extra hard but fragile. All PDC Cutters would be set separately in rows with buddle protector in plastic boxes and then all boxes packed in wooden cases suitable for long distance shipment, by Sea, by Air or by Express.


Q: What is your payment terms if I close order with your company?
A: For Shipment by Air Cargo or by Express (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT or any other Express), T/T (Telegraphic Transfer through bank) of full order amount before shipment. For Sea Cargo Shipment, it is negotiable for other payment terms.


Q: What should we do if products found in poor performance and whom should I contact with?
A: If product testing proven failure, we, together with our technical team, would work cooperatively with you to find out product problems and work out solutions. A compensation plan would be started if problem lies on Wanlong products. If problems found on clients¨ side, Wanlong would assist clients with all our best to find out best product solution to minimize the loss caused thereby.


Wanlong offers a six (6) months product warranty to our clients (direct purchasers of our company) only, and not to the successors of our clients. Wanlong ¨s responsibility for this product warranty shall expire six (6) months dated from shipment date. All request or complaint thereafter for compensation against defected products or any problem caused by defected products should be legally invalid and clients waiver the rights to claim for compensation.

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